NMi lecture on ANPR at Intertraffic

NMi Business Development Manager Alessandra Bendistinto will lecture on ANPR at Intertraffic. The lecture is scheduled on 22 March at 13.30 at the ‘Intertraffic on Stage’ location.

Thanks to the unique Automatic Number Plate Recognition standard in Europe UNI 10772 it is finally possible to prove the excellent accuracy performances of License Plate Recognition/Optical Character Recognition devices. Indeed, this helps vendors and users in monitoring and enforcement issues. A short description of standard, requirements and test procedures will clarify the standard content.

The lecture will be held 22 March, 13.30 – 14.00, ‘Intertraffic on Stage’ in Theatre Hall 7, Amsterdam RAI. Would you like to register for this interesting lecture? You can submit at the Intertraffic website. Do you want to know more about ANPR, please check our ANPR page on our website for more information or contact us.

Alessandra Bendistinto

Alessandra Bendistinto

Business Development Manager NMi Italy, Worldwide

Master of Law, experience on legal metrology certifications and services for all kind of meters since 2006. ITS and smart mobility services developer.