Mr. Wim Volmers’ lecture on European legal metrology of CNG, Hydrogen and LNG

NMi will give a legal metrology lecture at WGC 2018 in Washington. In Europe most country have Laws in place regulating that measuring equipment used in trade (determination of amount to be paid) or the levying of taxes must meet certain criteria.

Within the EU, through the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID), Legal Metrology is a largely harmonised field. Essentially, the MID has equalised the so-called Conformity Assessments prior to instrument use, for a large number of types of measuring instruments.

Somewhat by chance, one if these types include measuring instruments / systems for LNG, purely because the MID covers cryogenic liquids. That means that for those countries that did not exclude LNG during their MID implementation, the Certification schemes are unified and linked to OIML R117. Moreover, in turn, this enables worldwide certification. Countries that did exclude LNG during that stage have no legal metrological requirements in place.

For Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and gaseous Hydrogen (H2), the European situation is slightly different. Compressed gases for the propulsion of vehicles are not within the scope of MID. For (European) countries wishing to enforce legal control of measuring instruments for that purpose, there are roughly two choices. The first being “inventing” national requirements, strictly applicable to that country. The second using OIML R139 as a basis for their national legislation. Luckily, thus far the latter option has prevailed. This in turn means that the validity of official certificates is restricted to a country’s borders, but the acceptability of test reports (if done properly) is far wider. In other words, practical options for the certification of measuring instruments for these upcoming fuels are available. Moreover, NMi has experience with all types mentioned above and can advise the best route to conformity for them. Using OIML based certifications can assist in obtaining legal certifications. Both inside and outside the EU.

More information about how NMi can help and guide you on these subject? You can contact us on +31 88 6362332 or on You are more than welcome to attend this legal metrology lecture at WGC. It will be held on Seminar Stage in the Exhibition Hall, Thursday 28 June 13.30. Furthermore you can schedule a meeting during World Gas Conference 2018 in Washington by using the form below.

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