NMi will be moving to Delft this summer

NMi will be moving to a new office in Delft this summer. The move is planned in phases between July and October 2018. Some of our teams will move as early as the beginning of July while the others remain a few more months in Dordrecht. Our goal is to have the move completed by the end of October.

Moving house is a lot of work, but it also provides good opportunities. It is a perfect moment to calibrate our facilities and update our laboratories. Of course, we want to perform this with as little inconvenience as possible for our clients.

The move to Delft is the first step into our future. A future we would like to share with you! We look forward to keep providing you the best possible service on your projects.

Should you have any questions on NMi moving to Delft,  please contact us on wemovetodelft@nmi.nl or call us at +31 88-6362332. You can read more detailed information in our NMi moving to Delft flyer.