NMi speaker at Honeywell Users Group EMEA

Honeywell Users Group conference features many ways to share and exchange knowledge, including information-packed user presentations, industry-specific breakout sessions, topical panel discussions, hands-on demonstrations and networking opportunities to interact with fellow users and Honeywell experts.

Mr. Wim Volmer is one of the speakers during the conference, which is held from 25-28 September in World Forum The Hague. Wim Volmer is Business Development Manager Oil & Gas at NMi and will lecture on Data Integrity.

In the not too distant future the route by which data will travel from field measurement to the point of final decision or actual invoicing, is likely to change by quite some extent. Call it Internet of Things, just wireless, or partly using Cloud Based processes, the wiring, soft- and hardware involved will be more diverse and complex than ever before.

The main purpose of the presentation will be to create awareness of potential things to come. Now is the time for stakeholders to start thinking about their future needs and wishes. On this topic, wishes should not only include the hard- and software itself, but also the level of reliability related to data integrity, security and privacy. Directly related to that is the degree of detail needed for (third party) testing and certification.

The presentation, starting at a classical system architecture, will take attendees via current developments into a potential future where data integrity, security, privacy, hard- and software can no longer be clearly distinguished nor fully separated. Consequently this will have an effect on measures to be taken to counteract certain risks.

When it comes to (third party) testing and certification, Quality Assurance Systems are likely to play a far larger role than currently common in the hard- and software industry. This is likely to come on top of currently well-known kinds of testing of hard- and software. The ultimate message being that confidence can be gained through modernized forms of testing and certification, yet never being able to deliver full (or fool) proof guarantees.

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Wim Volmer

Wim Volmer

Business Development Manager Oil & Gas , Netherlands

Expert on all aspects related to the measurement of liquids and gases and their properties. Member of several OIML and Welmec groups, WIB Field Instruments and the NEN Flow Committee.