NMi teams up with Exceeding Solutions to deliver high-end testing and certification services

Exceeding Solutions is deeply involved in the smart meter rollout in Germany. They have developed specific hardware and software for the communication testing of smart meters.

This hardware and software is applied by the legal authorities in Germany for the examination of smart meters and Smart Meter Gateways. Part of this is Exceeding Solutions expertise on security requirements and the application of the Common Criteria.

Exceeding Solutions, owned by Prof. Dr. Uwe Heuert and Oliver Punk, is specialised in cryptography, security and penetration testing, as well as communication with smart meters. Among this is communication port testing and the applied protocols, computer networks, system integration and the implementation of cryptographic methods.

Joining NMi’s experience in Smart Meters, Mobility, the Process Industry and Smart Cities with Exceeding Solutions’ high-end capabilities offer a future proof service benefitting suppliers, vendors and users alike. This covers all requirements for legal metrology, all other needs for communication, data security, penetration testing and a wide range of legislation and criteria.

If you are interested in what NMi and Exceeding Solutions can provide you, please contact us at nmi@nmi.nl.