NMi test facility in Southampton, GB

NMi will open a new test facility in Southampton for interoperability and interchangeability testing. NMi is the selected SMDA Test House for Great Britain. Due to the fact testing has to take place on Great Britain ground with the real communication environment over there, NMi decided to open a brand new lab in Southampton. It is a dedicated lab to perform the required testing with the smart metering devices, like gas meters, electricity meters and in-home displays.

NMi test facility with NMi trained personnel

The lab is located at the premises of Critical Software in Southampton. Henri Schouten, Business Development Manager Utilities at NMi explains: “It is a dedicated NMi lab with NMi trained personnel and NMi engineers. All the devices to execute the communication are already installed. We also prepared specific equipment for electricity meters to perform the interoperability and interchangeability testing with real current where needed. Furthermore, for gas meters a specific rack is installed, producing air flow to simulate real life conditions during the communication testing. We are proud to be selected as the SMDA Test House.”

For more information about the SMDA test facility, please contact us.