NMi at the UNITI Expo in Stuttgart

From 14 to 15 June, account manager Oil & Gas Erik van de Graaf visited the UNITI Expo in Stuttgart, a leading trade fair for the retail petroleum sector in Europe. His special focus went to gas dispensers, Point Of Sale systems (POS) and Outdoor Payment Terminals (OTP).

What was the goal of your visit?
Erik van de Graaf: “If manufacturers of custody transfer systems want to stay ahead of their competition, they have to meet up with the highly increased demands of their customers. They are not only concerned with protecting their brand image but also with the protection of sensitive payment card data. Safety issues are thus becoming more and more important. It takes special efforts to make sure that the encrypted data that is sent by the dispenser matches the data that is received by the administration. These issues play a huge role in the business case of the manufacturers, many of who are our customers and present at UNITI. As their account manager, I want to better understand their challenges.”

How can a certification process ease this?
“Manufacturers who have certified their systems at NMi in the past now need revisions that comply with new regulatory demands. Especially for liquid measurement instruments, many changes in legislation are taking place.  Since several years, all EU countries are implementing the Measurement Instruments Directive (MID). This means that all instruments used for custody transfer measurement, like fuel dispensers combined with POS systems, should have an EU Type Examination Certificate. This means that the interoperability between hardware and software in fuel dispensers needs to be perfect. We can test this under various simulated conditions, and prove that the sum of parts delivers reliable measurements.  For Self-Service Devices, our test method basically focuses on software tests without the need for performing hardware tests. The functioning of POS and OTP systems is predominantly determined by its software. By voluntarily certifying your system with an NMi Parts or Evaluation Certificate, it becomes much faster and cheaper for a manufacturer of the complete device to obtain MID MI05 Liquids other than water certification and to comply with the OIML R117 Recommendation. It’s a win-win situation for both POS and fuel dispenser manufactures. It’s a quality statement towards the market.”

What are your plans for the coming months?
“We are planning a tour to visit clients in Germany and France to talk about this subject more thoroughly. In 2014, NMi organized a seminar on POS systems in Spain, informing the participants which different routes there are to follow when entering the European or worldwide market with a payment system. We like to provide a similar seminar in other countries as well, since there is a high demand for this information.”

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