NMi International WIM Standard

NMi standard for Weighing-in-Motion systems,
covering both legal and statistical applications for high and low speed WIM systems.

<h2>NMi International WIM Standard</h2>

To detect overloaded trucks, Weighing-in-Motion (WIM) systems for different applications are being used in a wide variety of operational conditions. Following the demand of both manufacturers and governments, NMi has developed, together with a group of experts, a new International WIM Standard that covers both legal and statistical applications for high and low speed WIM systems.

For many years, three documents (COST-323, ASTM-1318 and OIML R134) have been used as international specifications for certification of Weighing-in-Motion systems. However, these documents are not suitable for all the applications and operational conditions for WIM systems required by end users, for example direct enforcement of overloading under regular highway conditions, resulting in complex and expensive procedures. Both manufacturers and governments expressed the need for a practical standard to certify the systems for enforcement, covering all applications.

NMi International WIM Standard

NMi has taken the initiative to bring together a small group of experts on standardization of measurement instruments and international experts on WIM to develop a new, practical yet well founded international standard for Weighing-in-Motion that covers all applications of WIM systems. The document gives specifications for Automatic Instruments for measuring the vehicle weight and axle loads of road vehicles when in motion. It specifies the performance requirements for these systems and specifies the minimum testing procedures in order to determine the actual performance of a type of WIM-system.

Independent WIM Standard

The International NMi WIM Standard is independent of technology and the type of system or sensors and it is applicable for scales, strips and bridge WIM systems. It is also independent of vendor or manufacturer, buyer or user, country or region. Further details about its backgrounds can be found in the Guide that is included in the Standard.

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