NMi’s new Business Development Manager for the mobility market: Boy Hendriksen

Boy Hendriksen has been working with NMi as Business Development Manager for the mobility market since the end of 2013. You can meet him from 25 to 28 March 2014 in Amsterdam at InterTraffic 2014, stand number 01-416.

How did you end up working in the mobility market?

‘’I have been working in this market for quite some time. I worked over twenty years in the transport and chip-card sector. My main project was e-ticketing for the public transport sector. I was involved throughout the tendering stage and partly in the roll-out process. I also spent several years with the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment as part of the test team working on the Road Pricing project. In that job I was responsible for drawing up an operational test and worked in close cooperation with RDW (the Dutch governmental road transport agency) and the Dutch central fine collection agency. In the year before I took up this position with NMi, I was Business Development Manager for the ‘Beter Benutten’ programme (Efficient use of road infrastructure).’’

Can you tell us about the kind of work you do?

‘’As Business Development Manager I explore opportunities and developments. For NMi, the mobility market originally had to do partly with enforcement (police measuring instruments) and partly with APK measuring instruments (periodic vehicle inspections) and taximeters. When it comes to mobility however, the services that NMi can provide in this area go much further. NMi has a lot of expertise which can be put to many uses. I have a lot of experience and have retained many good contacts from the projects and activities I was involved in. These will be very useful in my new position because I can see opportunities for NMi in these areas of activity. I will be able to put my network to good use by converting opportunities into concrete projects and long-term business relations.’’

What is your vision in relation to the mobility market?

‘’Some of the important issues in the area of mobility have to do with safety, the environment and efficient use of infrastructure. More and more intelligent solutions are being developed around these issues, commonly referred to as ITS or Smart Mobility. This rapidly developing technology is driving up the standards. As a result, more things will now have to be reviewed. Smart ICT solutions, for example, have led to a further increase in the number of offences that are automatically processed. The mobility market is set to continue developing in terms of the ever-changing advanced systems and technologies that are available, all of which in turn must be kept up to date. NMi has a number of statutory tasks to meet within these areas and all mobility-related developments will have to be followed closely. NMi measures dedicated equipment from sensors to visuals and this is set to increase in the coming years. When certifying equipment, you need the assistance of an expert and independent body. NMi has the expertise to carry out these measurements and to respond to these developments.’’

What role can NMi play in this future vision?

‘’As I said, NMi’s involvement in the mobility market is concentrated in the three areas I mentioned: safety, the environment and efficient usage of infrastructure. In the area of traffic safety in particular, NMi can play a key role internationally. The Netherlands is one of the countries with the lowest number of road casualties. NMi’s work in the Netherlands in the area of enforcement is worked out in great detail and is very thorough. NMi has developed much experience and expertise in this over the years. When it comes to safety, NMi can also play an important role outside of the Netherlands.  Many countries would like to have a safety regime such as ours and will require advice in this regard. In Malaysia, for example, we have just completed a consultancy project that was advice-related. A lot of countries stand to benefit from this advice. The expertise at NMi is thorough; we have the right equipment and specialised laboratories for conducting tests. We also have the experience it takes to pass on our expertise in training courses and advisory processes.’’