Measuring systems: from design to maintenance

<p>Measuring systems: from design to maintenance</p>

Innovative certification of complex measuring systems

NMi develops test procedures for innovative measurement systems in order to deliver proof of conformity for certification.

Knowledge and experience with respect to legislation and interpretation of standards

Based on its long experience in certifying flow meters and flow measuring systems, NMi is an authority when it comes to statutory requirements and standards.

Independent view on your specifications

As an independent party, NMi can take a neutral stance when preparing specifications and evaluating your specifications.

Payment for your products is based on measurements. Accurate measurements are therefore vital, both at commissioning and throughout the lifecycle of your installation (life cycle management). The focus here is often on the measurement uncertainty of the meter, but the installation as a whole impacts on performance too. How do you organise the metrological lifecycle management of your measuring installation?

How much confidence will you still have in your measuring system after 5 years?

Tender and construction phase

Tenders are often invited for the upgrade or new construction of an installation. This includes metrological aspects. Different companies are then involved in the design, construction and commissioning phases. For cost reasons, companies sometimes are under pressure to primarily consider the purchase price when making choices. However, the costs of modifications required as a result of ill-considered and short-term solutions soon mount up (see graph).

Many aspects are involved in constructing a measuring installation with the greatest possible accuracy. Higher accuracy always pays for itself if it improves your process or invoice management. Mistakes can be costly, such as oversized meters which are impossible to calibrate and which result in higher measurement uncertainty, non-optimal measuring principles and the lack of test connections and spare parts. Clear specifications for the tender prevent many problems. We help prepare the specifications using our specialist knowledge and experience and a long-term approach to the installation as a whole. NMi also provides advice and training during construction of the installation when choices about different components have to be made.

Maintenance = Return on Investment

Do you want to understand your installation’s performance and reduce the measurement uncertainty? NMi helps you identify and analyse the overall measurement uncertainty and identify possible points for improvement. For example, the flow profile as a result of pipelines, pressure, pulsations and – last but not least – human error. A good analysis of the installation enables the various effects to be quantified. This information can be used to optimise the installation and draw up a maintenance plan.

When does your measuring system no longer perform satisfactorily?


Based on a throughput of 500,000 m3 (6″ batching), a price of 20 cents/litre and an increase in the measurement uncertainty of 0.01% per year, the costs increase substantially.