Measuring systems: from design to maintenance

<p>Measuring systems: from design to maintenance</p>

Innovative certification of complex measuring systems

NMi develops test procedures for innovative measurement systems in order to deliver proof of conformity for certification.

Knowledge and experience with respect to legislation and interpretation of standards

Based on its long experience in certifying flow meters and flow measuring systems, NMi is an authority when it comes to statutory requirements and standards.

Independent view on your specifications

As an independent party, NMi can take a neutral stance when preparing specifications and evaluating your specifications.

Accurate measurements are vital for your customer. A calculation is made at an early stage of the product design to check compliance with the specifications. NMi finds a way to certify your measuring system, no matter how complex the measuring installation, enabling you to show other parties that your measurement is sound.

This removes any doubts your supplier or customer may have about the accuracy of the reported measurements. Heated discussions may arise if the other party arrives at different measurements, particularly in the case of complex (non-ideal) measuring installations. As an independent third party, NMi provides a clear answer or finds a solution that is acceptable to both parties.

With the broad experience of its specialist and in-depth knowledge about the possibilities within the scope of the applicable regulations, NMi finds a way to certify your measuring system. This was the case for the the bunkering of seagoing ships.

The non-standard, difficult process conditions passed the tests with flying colours, and the result was certification that broke new ground.

Measurement uncertainty in context

Over and above the measurement uncertainty of the measuring instrument or installation itself, there are numerous context-dependent aspects which affect the accuracy of the measurement. The calculation must take all these factors into account, significantly increasing the overall budget of the measurement uncertainty. You can optimise your measuring system and improve the measurement uncertainty by identifying and analysing the different factors and identifying the potential to make improvements.