Measuring systems: from design to maintenance

<p>Measuring systems: from design to maintenance</p>

Innovative certification of complex measuring systems

NMi develops test procedures for innovative measurement systems in order to deliver proof of conformity for certification.

Knowledge and experience with respect to legislation and interpretation of standards

Based on its long experience in certifying flow meters and flow measuring systems, NMi is an authority when it comes to statutory requirements and standards.

Independent view on your specifications

As an independent party, NMi can take a neutral stance when preparing specifications and evaluating your specifications.

NMi provides support in different phases of product development, helping you avoid expensive and time-consuming modifications later on.

Design and standards

You can take into account the requirements relating to your meter, measuring installation or electronics during the very earliest stages of product development. This enables you to reduce development costs as well as the time between design and final product according to the requirements. The result is fewer failures and therefore less retesting during certification.

Correctly interpreting standards and legislation is a challenge in itself. However, this is routine for NMi’s specialists. NMi is represented in various national and international committees. It is therefore aware of expected future developments and knows what changes in requirements or standards are planned for the coming year. Such knowledge and experience is then incorporated in your design specifications. As an independent party, NMi can also perform a design review to predict whether certification will be successful.

Calculating measurement uncertainty

The measurement uncertainty of your measuring installation is an important specification as far as your customers are concerned. NMi calculates the measurement uncertainty for you in the design phase, providing clarity early on about the feasibility of achieving the customer’s or other specifications. You thus avoid having to make costly and time-consuming modifications after installation in the field or during the certification process.

Pre-tests and pre-audits

A pre-test or pre-audit can be performed during the development of a prototype of your product or system. Potential obstacles or test failures in the later certification process are then predicted at a stage when modifications are still relatively straightforward. It is then easy for our team of engineers to conduct type examination and certification. More information about testing and certification is available here.

Manufacturer verification

In order to speed up the commissioning and supply of your product, you can conduct the first verification of the measuring systems yourself (in accordance with MID Module D for Europe). NMi also performs acceptance tests for potential buyers of meters or measuring installations by carrying out testing on production samples.

Evaluation or part certificates

For a manufacturer of components, such as meters, flow computers or gas chromatographs, a certificate can boost the value of your product. NMi has developed a system that enables you to conduct a modular verification yourself. Read more about part certificates here.