Testing and certification

Testing and certification

NMi is in the lead with you

NMi certifies innovations: they include the first Coriolis meter, the first ultrasonic meter, the first LNG dispenser and the first bunkering system.

Over 25% of MID certificates worldwide are issued by NMi

NMi also issues 39% of all OIML certificates for gas meters and 38% of all certificates for liquid measuring installations.

Short turnaround times

Clever test plans guarantee the shortest turnaround times for rapid market access of your product.

In practice, measuring systems for liquids other than water, fuel dispensers for instance, are in many cases made using modules from different producers. Many of these modules play an essential role in the metrological quality of the entire measuring system.

Evaluation or part certificates

For a supplier of measuring instrument modules like sensors, air separators, flow computers, pressure transmitters, self-service equipment and retail payment systems (POS), a modular certificate increases the value of your product. Modular certificates speed up the final approval (type examination) process of the entire measuring system.

There are two types of modular certificates:

  • Parts Certificate (PC): modules that have a PC can be used freely by the manufacturers of complete systems.
  • Evaluation Certificate (EC): modules that have an EC may only be used by the manufacturers of complete systems after permission from the owner.

Quality system certification

In order to obtain permission to market the measuring system, there must be an initial verification after model approval. The manufacture and testing of the measuring instrument at the manufacturer’s premises takes place subject to a certified quality system (module D, E or H of MID).

To guarantee the quality of the individual components within this certified quality system, the manufacturer inspects the supplied components (100% or random samples). However, a component supplier can save the manufacturer time and money by inspecting the components beforehand in accordance with your quality system. NMi certifies your quality system enabling you to supply components that have already been inspected and are ready to use. As a component supplier, you therefore contribute to rapid market access.