Testing and certification

Rapid approval to access the market: type examination, certification of quality systems, verification.

Testing and certification

The Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) provides for market access in Europe for industrial oil and gas meters and complete measuring installations used for commercial purposes. It describes the requirements that must be met in order for you to market your measuring instruments or installations in Europe. With regard to market access outside Europe and other additional customer requirements, we test your measuring instruments or installations for compliance with EN standards, IEC standards and OIML recommendations.

We can use the OIML certificate and report all over the world thanks to NMi’s excellent reputation in the international market.

European market access – MID

Are you keen to get into the European market? An MID type examination certificate gives you immediate access to all 28 countries of the European Union, the 4 EFTA countries and Turkey. Since the introduction of the MID regulations, NMi has issued hundreds of certificates. As a result, NMi has extensive experience with the different options. NMi can also combine flow meter testing with the testing of components used for both gas and liquid measurements.

By participating in international working groups such as WELMEC, OIML and EN and various standards committees, NMi knows all the latest legislative developments. We update you on plans to introduce new requirements, enabling you to incorporate in the test plan and put a future-proof product on the market.

NB. The type examination certificate is the first step towards market access. Permission to market your measuring instrument in Europe depends on an initial verification of the meters.

Market access outside Europe

NMi’s worldwide reputation ensures widespread acceptance of its test reports and easy market access to most countries in the world. For market access outside Europe, NMi tests for compliance with international standards (EN and OIML). By combining these tests directly with the MID test plan, the type examination process is executed efficiently and your product can be launched on the global market quickly. The overview shows you which standards are applicable. NMi also provides opportunities for international market access for liquid level gauges.

Evaluation or part certificates

For a manufacturer of components like meters, flow computers or gas chromatographs, a certificate can boost the value of your product. NMi has developed a system that enables you to conduct a modular verification yourself. Read more about evaluation or part certificates here.

Regulation and Quotation

NMi is in the lead with you

NMi certifies innovations: they include the first Coriolis meter, the first ultrasonic meter, the first LNG dispenser and the first bunkering system.

Over 25% of MID certificates worldwide are issued by NMi

NMi also issues 39% of all OIML certificates for gas meters and 38% of all certificates for liquid measuring installations.

Short turnaround times

Clever test plans guarantee the shortest turnaround times for rapid market access of your product.