Oil&nonoil exhibition, Verona, 27 May 2014

NMi will be present at Oil&nonoil, the most important Italian exhibition devoted to the fuel and gas depot and transport industry. The exhibition will take place in Verona from 27 to 29 May 2014.

On May 27 th at 15:00 Paul van Enckevort, NMi’s director Sales and Marketing, and Alessandra Bendistinto, Sales Manager of NMi Italia, will give a lecture and will be available for meetings that afternoon.  You can also make an appointment with them in the morning of May 28 th.

The subject of their lecture is: “liquid installations/applications and MID directive: modules approach or complete installation?” The situation of European legislation with regard to specific applications will be presented: Industrial Oil versus Industrial Gas, LNG, CNG and BioGas. You will be provided with an overview of the specific MI-005 Annex for Liquid Installations other than water, and in what ways the terms installation and meter or components are used for these applications. Especially in industrial applications, misinterpretation of regulations often occurs. Besides the Liquid installations for liquid other than water, the use of alternative energy sources has led to a variety of different applications and measured liquids or gases. That’s why it is important for both manufacturers and end users to have a clear understanding of the actual situation in Europe and the practical use for MID module B+F or B+D.

We are looking forward to welcome you at our lecture and to share opportunities, problems and solutions.

To book a meeting, you can write directly to a.bendistinto@nmi.it

Alessandra Bendistinto

Alessandra Bendistinto

Business Development Manager NMi Italy, Worldwide

Master of Law, experience on legal metrology certifications and services for all kind of meters since 2006. ITS and smart mobility services developer.