Power quality meters examined conform IEC61000-4-30

NMi now offers the examination of power quality meters in accordance with IEC standard 61000-4-30. Using our specific test setup, the power quality meters are exposed to all power quality phenomena as listed in the IEC standard.

Meters under test are compared to a reference meter and an analysis is made whether the meter complies with the requirements of the IEC61000-4-30. As a result of the examination a test report is generated. In this report all test data are listed for each individual test. At the end of the test, a Certificate of Conformity is issued as well.

Independent testing –  IEC61000-4-30

The power quality tests are performed in cooperation with sister organization VSL, the Dutch Metrology Institute, making the reference system fully traceable to the national standard for voltage and current.

The NMi–VSL consortium is able to perform compliance testing for the 61000-4-30 in a fully independent manner. NMi and VSL are both ISO 17025 accredited for testing and calibration, respectively. A scope extension of the accreditation with respect to 61000-4-30 compliance testing is pending.

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Henri Schouten

Henri Schouten

Business Development Manager Utilities, Worldwide

Expert for all utility residential meters (electricity/ gas/ water/ heat). Member/ chairman of multiple IEC, CENELEC, OIML and WELMEC groups. Chairman of the Dutch mirrorgroup NEC13. One of the writers of OIML R137.