Certification of quality systems

Rapid approval for your products: certification of quality systems, import from outside Europe, export to Europe

Certification of quality systems

Internationally accredited

NMi has an excellent global reputation and its certificates are accepted in most countries of the world.

Short turnaround times

Smart test plans assure guarantee the fastest turnaround times for rapid certification of your system.

Experienced auditors

With their many years of experience, NMi's qualified lead assessors are aware of the latest developments.

According to the Dutch Commodities Act, pre-packaged consumer products that are sold by the (kilo)gram or (milli)litre must have a statement on the package of the amount of product contained in the package. According to Dutch legislation all packages must contain at least the quantity stated on the label. However, if there is an e-mark on the packaging, the packages must on average contain the stated amount of product (within limits). This produces worthwhile savings.

Would you also like to make use of the e-mark system? If so, you must be able to demonstrate that your filling system and quality control system meet the specified requirements. NMi has many years’ experience with the assessment of filling systems and the introduction of e-mark systems, and it can tell you everything about the requirements that are set.

Provisional accreditation

When introducing an e-mark system, you need to provide a system description. If your system meets the requirements, you will receive provisional accreditation and you may implement the system. NMi has extensive experience with the e-mark system and will explain all the regulations relating to setting up your system.

Official evaluation

After you have implemented the provisionally accredited e-mark system, your system is officially evaluated. A qualified lead assessor performs the evaluation (IRCA certified). More specific information is available in the certification rules of NMi Certification. These describe the certification method for objectively and independently issuing a recommendation to the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority, which ultimately issues the certificate. You receive an audit report after completion of the audit.


If you wish to make changes to your system, a re-evaluation is required. This depends on the changes being made, such as adjustments in the filling process, new measuring instruments and/or changes in the collection. Administrative amendments or even a new evaluation may subsequently be required. We are happy to advise on how to conduct an efficient re-evaluation.

Lifecycle management

How well does your filling system perform after one or even after five years? And how does this affect your costs? Periodic checks ensure that your system is up to date and prevent non-conformities from other quality and safety standards, like BRC and IFS, or rejection by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA).