Certification of quality systems

Rapid approval for your products: certification of quality systems, import from outside Europe, export to Europe

Certification of quality systems

Internationally accredited

NMi has an excellent global reputation and its certificates are accepted in most countries of the world.

Short turnaround times

Smart test plans assure guarantee the fastest turnaround times for rapid certification of your system.

Experienced auditors

With their many years of experience, NMi's qualified lead assessors are aware of the latest developments.

Do you import products with an e-mark on the packaging from outside the European Union? If so, it is important that you comply with the e-mark requirements and Commodities Act. As an importer, you have two options for checking this:

  1. In compliance with the Commodities Act, you take random samples from the imported batches. Based on the result, you then assess whether the batch complies with the e-mark regulations. You must have your own e-mark accreditation.
  2. NMi evaluates the quality system of the packaging company outside the EU. If the system meets the requirements, the packaging company concerned receives a Certificate of Recognition. NMi then performs an obligatory inspection every year. We provide your importer in the Netherlands with accreditation containing a reference to your Certificate of Recognition.