Information about structuring a quality system

Optimal process design: e-mark system, specifications and measuring systems

Information about structuring a quality system

Independent view of your specifications

As an independent party, NMi can take a neutral stance when preparing specifications and evaluating your specifications.

Unique knowledge relating to metrological process optimisation

Based on its in-depth knowledge of measurements and statutory regulations, NMi is an authority when it comes to improving product and system efficiency.

Knowledge and experience with respect to applicable requirements and the interpretation of standards

For many years NMi has been actively involved in the certification of filling systems and is an authority on applicable requirements and standards.

Optimally fine-tuning your filling system saves you money. However, finer tuning may be counterproductive if this results in a higher reject percentage during quality control. A good balance can be achieved by analysing the different components in your process and the effects on the quantity of product in the final packaging.

Measurement uncertainties

NMi has in-depth knowledge about measuring the quantity of product and the influencing factors. We perform a critical review aimed at optimising your system. This produces recommendations relating to the metrological aspects which impact on the whole system. Savings can often be made as a result of more precise tuning of the filling system or more efficient measurements.

NMi’s know-how on how to fill our meal boxes with different components significantly reduced waste.

Life cycle management

How well does your filling system perform after one or even 5 years? And how does this affect your costs? Periodic checks enable you to guarantee the optimal performance of your system throughout its lifecycle. They also help you avoid unnecessary costs if your product is rejected or if excess product in your packaging is identified. Unexpected non-conformities from other certifying bodies are also prevented.

Smart solutions

Various issues may be encountered when upgrading an existing filling system. There may not be enough space to install the required equipment or there may be problems adjusting the software. Based on its extensive knowledge of the regulations and practical scope, NMi develops innovative solutions for your system. For example, NMi was able to resolve a space problem in a filling installation with six lines within the existing regulations. Whatever your issue, we will be happy to help.