Information about structuring a quality system

Optimal process design: e-mark system, specifications and measuring systems

Information about structuring a quality system

Independent view of your specifications

As an independent party, NMi can take a neutral stance when preparing specifications and evaluating your specifications.

Unique knowledge relating to metrological process optimisation

Based on its in-depth knowledge of measurements and statutory regulations, NMi is an authority when it comes to improving product and system efficiency.

Knowledge and experience with respect to applicable requirements and the interpretation of standards

For many years NMi has been actively involved in the certification of filling systems and is an authority on applicable requirements and standards.

According to the Dutch Commodities Act, pre-packaged consumer products sold by the (kilo)gram or (milli)litre must include a declaration on the packaging stating the amount of product contained in the package. According to Dutch legislation, all packaging must contain at least the quantity stated on the label. However, an e-mark on the packaging implies that the packages contain the average stated amount of product (within limits). This generates worthwhile savings.

Are you interested in using the e-mark system? If so, your filling system and quality control system should meet the specified requirements. NMi is an expert in assessing filling systems and introducing e-mark systems and is able to advise you on the statutory requirements.

 Preparing design specifications

Correctly interpreting standards and legislation is a challenge in itself but routine for NMi’s specialists. NMi is represented in various national and international committees, so we know exactly what future developments can be expected. This knowledge and experience are then incorporated in your design specifications.

Thanks to a clear explanation beforehand about the requirements, we were able to achieve the same result with fewer measurements.


A pre-test may be performed during the development of a prototype. This makes it possible to identify potential obstacles or test failures in the later certification process at a stage when modifications are still relatively straightforward. It is then easy for our team of engineers to conduct type examination and certification. More information about testing and certification is available here.