Quality Assurance for your components

More and more, we see the quality of measuring instruments being determined by the quality of the components from which they are made. This is why the quality and consistency of components is of such great importance. Not only for the manufacturer who is ultimately responsible for the measuring instrument, but also for the end user who has confidence in the measuring result of the measuring instrument and whose decisions are made accordingly.

Do you produce components for measuring instruments? Do you produce indicators or displays for measuring instruments, load cells for weighing scales or flow computers for liquid measuring systems? With NMi behind you, your product will have a powerful quality statement, an increased degree of acceptance and you will stand out in the market.

The prototype testing of parts for measuring instruments for the European market often takes place on the basis of Evaluation Certificates or Part Certificates. This certification is subject to the requirements of the MID or NAWI directive, normative documents or harmonized standards. These certificates allow you to arrange for a legal evaluation of the prototype for your products that is to be used at a later stage as a part in a complete measuring instrument. Manufacturers, i.e. your customers, can then show more easily that their measuring instrument is in conformity overall with the MID, NAWI guideline or national regulations.

Manufacturers of measuring instruments are tested for manufacturing consistency by a notified body once they begin manufacturing measuring instruments on a large scale. Many aspects are tested, such as the manufacturing process, whether the individual measuring instruments are functioning properly and whether they conform to the certified prototype. The verification process applies equally to the parts of the measuring instruments in respect of which you will be involved by the notified body during the testing.

If you supply different manufacturers, the same testing may well be conducted by several notified bodies, all of whom must be convinced that the components are of a quality that is acceptable.

NMi can issue you with a metrological quality certificate for the individual components that you supply to the industry. This means that manufacturers can take delivery of tested and certified parts for inclusion in their measuring instruments. These ‘Producer’s D’ certificates issued by NMi are accepted by all of the European notified bodies when reviewing manufacturers. The first certificates have already been issued.

The ‘Producer’s -D’ certificate can be of great benefit to you:

  • no more audits by notified bodies in connection with their review of manufacturers who use your component
  • your parts can be supplied metrologically tested and certified
  • much greater acceptance of your products and of you as a supplier
  • simpler procurement processes for your customer
  • easier and cheaper monitoring of incoming products for your customer.

Do you want to have the metrological quality of your products independently certified and for your products to be supplied tested and certified? Then all you need to do is to contact NMi. We are qualified to carry out this producer audit worldwide.

NMi is a specialist with many years of experience in the area of metrology. Our team has the most expertise and experience in prototype testing and manufacturing processes associated with complete measuring instruments and parts of measuring instruments. Therefore not only will you have a professional certification body behind you, but also a wealth of knowledge and experience. This adds enormous value to your NMi certificate.

Jeroen Rommerts

Jeroen Rommerts

Senior Product Manager, Netherlands

Expert on ensuring metrological quality of measuring instruments in manufacturing processes, verification procedures and quality systems. Member of OIML TC6 (prepackages), WELMEC WG6 (prepackages).