Quality measurement field updates from The United States

The importance of quality measurement was highlighted during the North American Custody Transfer Measurement Conference in San Antonio from 21 – 23 June 2016. America’s top manufacturers and end-users of flow meters gathered to exchange ideas regarding custody transfer measurement. How to provide the best possible measurement while performing under increasingly difficult circumstances? NMi was there to get informed about the latest developments on the American market. In order to meet the needs of our clientele, it is vital to stay on top of these measurement challenges and the demands from the market.

Close cooperation with end-users
It was good to see that many American end-users were there to get involved. They recognize the importance of joining these discussions, a positive development of which we hope to see more in Europe as well. End-users who want to manage high volumes of petrochemical and natural gas flows have their own requirements, needs and preferences. It is essential for test labs, certification bodies and governmental agencies to better understand what they expect from manufacturers. In this way, these requirements can be taken into account during legal metrology certification projects. If we want worldwide regulation to develop on the same pace as technological developments, it’s crucial that all involved parties work together in close cooperation.

If you have questions regarding legal requirements in the USA for Oil & Gas measurement instruments, please contact Mr. Wim Volmer by sending an email to wvolmer@nmi.nl

Wim Volmer

Wim Volmer

Business Development Manager Oil & Gas , Netherlands

Expert on all aspects related to the measurement of liquids and gases and their properties. Member of several OIML and Welmec groups, WIB Field Instruments and the NEN Flow Committee.