How do you increase the value of your POS systems?

On 21 May 2014 a seminar was held in Madrid to discuss the certification options for POS systems. The systems in question relate to checkout and payment systems that can be connected to the fuel pumps at petrol stations. NMi had organised this seminar specifically to inform manufacturers about the various options available to them in bringing POS equipment onto the market, since the possibilities are unclear to many producers. Curiosity about what they can do or should not do in order to increase the market value of their products brought manufacturers to the Spanish capital. Here, they were offered a varied programme on the day of the seminar.

More attractive
Even though POS systems are in itself not complete measuring instruments, they are an important component of fuel dispensers. Therefore, POS systems are subject to international regulation and thus must be in conformity with the Measurement Instrument Directive (MID). The MID directive is being actively implemented in Europe. As a result, measuring systems will be monitored more strictly and manufacturers will be required to adapt their products accordingly. POS manufacturers can respond to this development by obtaining part certificates, thus speeding up the eventual (type approval) process for the complete measuring system. This will make their components much more attractive to buyers.

Best testing results
Among the items discussed at the seminar was the range of tests which need to be performed in order for a POS system to meet the requirements of the MID. Specialised tests are also being devised on the basis of the Welmec and OIML recommendations. A Part of Evaluation Certificate is issued on the basis of these tests to allow manufacturers to enter the market. Our experts at NMi have a lot of experience in conducting the requisite tests. These tests are conducted on a daily basis in our laboratories and with regard to POS systems often also partially on the client’s location. Participants at the seminar were given a summary of how it all works and provided with examples so that they would come away with a clear understanding of the certification process and of the various stages that their equipment will be required to undergo.

Good feeling
Ideas and experiences were exchanged in a Mediterranean athmosphere. Armed with new and valuable information on the market, the participants returned to their respective organisations. The trainers, too, returned home in good form, having had the opportunity to contribute to the success of these entrepreneurs.

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Erik van de Graaf

Erik van de Graaf

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