System design and Product development

Taking into account all legal, company and customer requirements

System design and Product development

In different phases of product development and system design, you can take into account the requirements relating to your meter, measuring installation or electronics. Development costs can be reduced as well as the time between design and final product according to the requirements. NMi helps you avoid expensive and time-consuming modifications later on.

Design specifications

Correctly interpreting standards and legislation is a challenge in itself. However, this is routine for NMi’s specialists. NMi is represented in various national and international committees, which makes it possible to inform you about expected future developments in requirements or standards. Such knowledge and experience helps you to put together future proof design specifications for your system design or product development.

Calculating measurement uncertainty

The measurement uncertainty of your measuring instrument is an important specification for your customers. Calculating the uncertainty in the design phase, prevents you from expensive and time-consuming modifications after putting the system into use, or during the certification process.

After the clear explanation about the interpretation of the standards, I saw a new opportunity to simplify and improve my design at the same time.

Pre-tests and pre-audits

A pre-test or pre-audit can be performed during the development of a prototype. Potential obstacles or test failures in the later certification process can then be predicted at a stage when modifications are still relatively straightforward.