Testing and certification

Clever test plans guarantee the shortest turnaround times for rapid market access of your product.

Compliancy tests are performed to assess the quality and accuracy of a measuring instrument.

Testing and certification for quick market access

Before a measuring instrument may be offered for sale on the market, legislative compliancy must be demonstrated by means of tests. Measuring instruments may be subject to both national, European and worldwide requirements and standards. Whether you target one country or worldwide distribution, thanks to our knowledge of the applicable standards and requirements and extensive testing experience, NMi offers quick market access.

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Efficient testing

Measurement instruments are tested for compliance to national or international standards and regulations, or to specifications drawn up by your customer. By combining tests, also additional (customer) requirements in efficient test procedures, and execution by our experienced test engineers, we can achieve the shortest turnaround times for you.

Thanks to NMi’s excellent reputation abroad, an NMi report or certificate works like a passport for worldwide market access

Certification of quality systems

European regulations allow manufacturers of measuring instruments to conduct their own initial verification of meters, subject to a quality system (also see ‘Verifications’). As a Notified Body (MID), NMi is entitled to certify the quality system.