Registration for SMDA is now possible. NMi is the selected SMDA Test House in Great Britain and we are ready for your applications!

Interchangeability and interoperability

SMDA Company, a joint initiatieve between the Energy and Utilities Alliance (EUA), Energy UK, British Electrotechnical and Allied Manufactures’ Association (BEAMA) and the Community of Meter Asset Providers (CMAP), appointed Gemserv the role of Scheme Operator (SO). The Scheme provides assurance testing of smart metering equipment covering both the interchangeability and interoperability of devices. Interoperability is an obligation on energy supply companies, requiring them to be able to demonstrate that smart metering devices interacting with the Data Communications Company’s (DCC) systems are able to successfully receive, interpret, act on and respond to messages. Interchangeability testing checks that all devices on the Home Area Network (HAN), can communicate with one another and interpret and act on commands. This is beneficial to industry in order to reduce the risk of ‘stranded’ assets.

NMi ISO 17025 laboratory

The SMDA Company required a Test House to provide SMDA test services. Gemserv awarded the position for exclusive Test House provider to NMi. One of the aspects was that the laboratory should be certified at a level equal to ISO 17025 and have experience with interoperability. NMi has an independent ISO 17025 quality system with a broad scope and experience with interoperability testing, especially in Italy with gas meters. The laboratory in Southampton will work on a level equal to ISO 17025.

Test facility in Southampton

A specific SMDA test facility in Southampton will be opened shortly. All the interoperability and interchangeability testing will take place in this facility. The testing consists of two parts: interoperability testing to read out every device and interchangeability testing to check that the devices in the house also operate correctly together. For instance a gas meter from manufacturer A can communicate with the electricity meter of manufacturer B and the in-home display of manufacturer C. It must be possible to exchange devices of all meter manufacturers.

The SMDA Scheme is set up to provide assurance to consumers, suppliers and financiers that smart meter equipment works effectively, as specified by the Smart Energy Code (SEC). This brings assurance to the major roll out of Smart Meters in Great Britain.

Registration SMDA

For more information about SMDA, you can contact us. You can also apply for SMDA testing, by filling out the application form below. We will contact you for further details.

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