Accredited Verifier of liquid measuring installations

Do you work as a measurement technician for a manufacturer of liquid measuring installations, or as an Accredited Verifier of liquid measuring installations? If so, you need sound knowledge of the Dutch Metrology Act as well as the practical skills required for examining or verifying a measuring instrument. After this one-day training, you will be able to make a considered decision about whether a particular measuring instrument meets the requirements set for it.


The course addresses the following subjects:

 Metrology Act and underlying regulations

 Quality system

 The audit by the Notified Body

 Standards framework

 Prior to verification / examination

 Measuring principles and their characteristics

 Conducting tests

 After examination / verification


If you would like to know more about our customised in-company training, please contact us. Let us know the specific needs of your organisation, so that we can prepare an appropriate proposal tailored to your wishes.

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