Customised training

Perhaps you have people in your organisation who would benefit from NMi training or you require specific information? If so, we can tailor the training to your needs, enabling you to address specific, possibly confidential, issues.

We design our training to meet the wishes of your organisation. It is also possible to schedule extra time to acquiring theoretical or practical knowledge about company-specific questions and cases.

On site

Training is given in your company, saving travelling time and enabling your employees to attend the part of the course which is relevant to them. If you would prefer a different environment, however, we can arrange the training at our office in Dordrecht or any another location.

Participants and investment

Customised in-company training is given to groups of up to 12 people. The investment depends on the number of participants and the composition and length of the course. If you send us your training proposal, we will send you our quotation by return.

Possible content

All content from our open trainings can be used to prepare your customised training. Also, parts of the content from the following topics can be included. Click on the link to go to the content:



If you would like to know more about our customised in-company training, please contact us. Let us know the specific needs of your organisation, so that we can prepare an appropriate proposal tailored to your wishes.

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