Design and development support

Streamline your product development through an understanding of requirements and standards: from drawing board to commissioning

<p>Design and development support</p>

Independent view of your specifications

As an independent party, NMi can take a neutral stance when preparing specifications and evaluating your specifications.

Insight into new developments in legislation and standards

NMi is an active participant in important national and international standards organisations such as IEC, EN, CENELEC, WELMEC and OIML and is therefore the first to know about new developments.

Knowledge and experience with respect to applicable requirements and the interpretation of standards.

For many years NMi has been market leader in the certification of utility meters and is thus an authority in the applicable requirements and standards.

The development of the smart meter has added a new dimension to correct measurement and billing using Watt-hour and gas meters: smart meter communication. In future, requirements in the approval process will also be set for the performance of this communication. Purchasers of Watt-hour and gas meters are already stipulating specific requirements in addition to the applicable regulations.

Smart meter communication

NMi currently incorporates additional requirements in theĀ test plan for the type examination of smart meters. The communication features of the hardware can now be tested, for example, which includes examining how the Smart meter communication works and whether a connection is actually established. Data security can also be evaluated in accordance with WELMEC guide 7.2.

Additional tests

Besides the standard test procedure, NMi can integrate additional tests into the test plan arising from OIML recommendations, EN and IEC standards or customer-specific requirements. With regard to communications, this might be power line communication (PLC) and ZigBee communication. A great addition for your customers! A complete list of the additional tests is available on the application form (watt-hour meters / gas meters).