Testing and certification

Rapid approval: type examination, certification of quality systems, verification

Testing and certification

Innovative solutions for innovative products

NMi uses its wealth of experience to develop test procedures which are also aimed at demonstrating the conformity of your innovative measuring installations.

Flexible planning for rapid market access

We provide an efficient and flexible certification process by investigating on site.

Clear certification process

A prior test plan and draft certificate create clarity about agreements and expectations. NMi takes the pressure off you and guides you through the complete approval process.

Both Dutch and European regulations allow manufacturers of measuring instruments to conduct their own initial verification or re-verification of meters, subject to a quality system. This can save time and money in your production process. A Notified Body (MID, Dutch Metrology Act – Nationale Metrologiewet) takes care of the certification of quality systems, after which you receive a certificate stating the scope and powers.

European regulations: CE Metrology

CE Metrology is the scheme for assessing the quality system relating to the production and verification of measuring instruments, as referred to in European Directive 2004/22/EC (MID). This covers taximeters and exhaust gas analysers. After certification according to this scheme, it’s possible to conduct the initial verification of your own products. The government has designated NMi as a Notified Body to conduct type examinations, verifications and quality assurance. We have all the necessary facilities and expertise to assess your product and production process in accordance with the statutory regulations.

Dutch regulations: NL Metrology

NL Metrology is the scheme for assessing the quality system relating to verifying and re-verifying that measuring instruments comply with Dutch regulations. This applies to measuring instruments installed in the field as referred to in the Dutch Metrology Act. After approval of the management system, the certificate holder may carry out activities as an Accredited Verifier.

Audit by qualified lead assessor

A qualified lead assessor (IRCA certified) supervises the audit of your quality system. Depending on the field, specialists in our teams are assigned to evaluate your metrological processes. More specific information is available in the certification rules of NMi Certification. These provide an objective and independent description of how a certification decision is reached. Once the audit has been completed, you receive an audit report and a certificate.