Testing and certification

Rapid approval: type examination, certification of quality systems, verification

Testing and certification

The Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) provides for market access in Europe for (smart) Watt-hour meters, (domestic) gas meters, electronic volume conversion devices (EVCDs) and water meters). It describes the requirements that measuring instruments must meet in order for you to market your meter in Europe. With regard to market access outside Europe and other additional customer requirements, we can test your measuring instruments for compliance with EN standards, IEC standards and OIML recommendations.

Fast track watt-hour meters

Rapid market access is vital to ensure good business deals. Thanks to our efficient test procedures, state-of-the-art test facilities and our experienced test engineers, we can achieve the shortest turnaround times for you. Are you working to meet a deadline? For Watt-hour meters, we offer a fast track option, reducing turnaround times from 6 weeks (standard NMi turnaround time) to just 3 weeks (in consultation). This has enabled many clients to meet deadlines for tenders.

European market access – MID

Are you keen to get into the European market? An MID certificate gives you immediate access to all 27 countries in the European Union and 3 EFTA countries. Since the introduction of the MID in 2006, NMi has been actively working with these regulations and has issued hundreds of certificates. As a result, NMi has extensive experience with the possible options.

NMi participates in international working groups, such as WELMEC, OIML, IEC and CENELEC and various standards committees. We therefore know all about the latest developments in requirements and legislation. We can tell you what new requirements are in the pipeline for the coming year, so that you can take them into account in the test plan and put a future-proof product on the market.

NB. The type examination certificate is the first step towards market access. Permission to market your measuring instrument in Europe depends on an initial verification of the meters.

Many utility companies prefer NMi as an independent test laboratory

Market access outside Europe and additional testing services

NMi’s worldwide reputation ensures widespread acceptance of its test reports and easy market access to most countries in the world. For market access outside Europe, NMi tests for compliance with international standards (IEC, EN and OIML). By combining these tests directly with the MID test plan, the type examination process can be executed efficiently and your product can be launched on the global market quickly. The overview shows you which standards are applicable.

It is also possible to conduct several additional tests, for example reactive power consumption, breaker tests, power line communication (PLC), ZigBee communication and clock accuracy. There is a comprehensive overview of the additional services here (watt-hour meters gas meters).

Regulation and Quotation

30% of the MID utilities certificates are issued by NMi

NMi issues over 30% of all the European certificates for domestic Watt-hour meters and gas meters.

Shortest turnaround times

Clever test plans guarantee the shortest turnaround times for rapid market access for your product. Using our fast track option, you can get your Watt-hour meter certified within as little as 3 weeks.

Worldwide market access

An NMi certificate or test report is accepted as a basis for approval without further testing by many foreign governments.