NMi utility seminar on smart meter rollout challenges

Utility seminar hosted and chaired by Henri Schouten of NMi!

A number of countries have prepared themselves for the rollout with smart meters. Some of them already started, others are still in the preparation phase. Therefore, it is an ideal time to share experiences among European utilities and to discuss key aspects related to the smart meter rollout. As such, this utility seminar will cover the following important topics:

  • Interoperability: how to guarantee that meters communicate properly after being installed;
  • Interchangeability: assuring that devices from various manufacturers operate in the same manner;
  • Firmware downloads: how upgrades are applied to meter in the field? What are the experiences?
  • Data privacy: what is the impact of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) and how that might change things for utilities?
  • Security: smart meters and resilience to attacks;
  • Meter design and flexibility to manage future security requirements.

NMi is organizing a unique one day utility seminar on 7 June 2018, hosted and chaired by Mr. Henri Schouten. You can find more information on the program NMi Utility seminar. Participation is for utilities only, registration is mandatory: emoeskops@nmi.nl or +31 886362216.