VCAP compliance testing for the US market at NMi

If you wish to export your weighing devices to the North American market, you need to comply with the requirements as demanded by the National Conference of Weights and Measures. Weighing instruments are covered by the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP).  Recently, new requirements have been added for any holder of an NTEP Certificate of Conformity. Every three years, certified devices need to be checked according to a Verified Conformity Assessment Program (VCAP). If a manufacturer fails to conform, his NTEP CoC will become inactive.

VCAP program
The VCAP audit was introduced to ensure that devices keep performing according to the latest regulatory requirements. It is applicable to “those devices whose performance can be affected by changes in their physical environment”. In other words: with a VCAP audit report, you can prove to NTEP that your device is not touched by influence factors such as temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage supply and radiation. In addition, VCAP auditing shows that your Quality Assurance System is up-to-date.

After passing the audit, NTEP will decide to prolong your certificate for another three years. While the European module D testing program is applicable to complete weighing instruments, the VCAP audit is also performed on components. Load cells were the first group of devices that needed to meet these new VCAP demands. Indicating devices followed in 2015. It is expected that complete NAWI’s and AWI’s will be added to the VCAP program in 2016 and 2017.

Two birds with one stone: combining VCAP and NAWI/MID module D
According to the National Conference of Weights and Measures, it is the responsibility of manufacturers to provide an independent proof of compliance with VCAP by providing an audit report that is issued by an accredited VCAP auditor. It can be quite challenging to find such an experienced auditor. The big advantage of choosing NMi as your auditing partner, is that we can combine the VCAP research with a Module D certification according to the NAWI Directive/ MID. We will do this by making sure that you are using an NAWI/MID-compliant Quality Assurance System. Successful assessment will allow you to place your weighing device on both the North American and the European market. With many years of experience in compliance testing for the USA and all EU countries, NMi will guide you towards the fastest possible market access.

More information
Pleasse contact our Inside Sales Team for more information about our VCAP auditing and a possible combination with NAWI/MID Module D Quality Management testing. You can call +31 78 633 23 08 or send an email to

Kees van Willenswaard

Kees van Willenswaard

Senior Account Manager, Worldwide,Netherlands

Expert on weighing, with 13 years experience in the field of type approvals followed by 7 years as lead assessor for module D evaluations. Since 2007 working as Senior Account Manager, helping manufacturers to access the word market with their measuring instruments.