VSL/CEESI Flow Measurement Workshop

From 17 to 19 March 2015, NMi will be present in Noordwijk at the Third European Flow Measurement Workshop, organized by VSL and CEESI.

Wim Volmer (Senior Product Manager Oil & Gas) will explain, in a duo-presentation with Eugene de Raaff (ODS), why the European Measuring Instruments Directive is an improvement on previous legal metrology control. This lecture will take place on day 1 from 4:00 to 4:30 PM.

On day 3, Mr. Volmer will present a second lecture, ‘The Uncertain Matter of Integrating Metrology into Asset Management’ from 11:00 to 11:30 AM.

During the entire event, our Oil & Gas team will be happy to answer all your questions about the testing and certification of ultrasonic and coriolis flow meters, balanced gas quantification and NMi services in general. You can find us in the exhibition space.