Design and development support

Streamline your product development through an understanding of requirements and standards: from drawing board to initial use

<p>Design and development support</p>

Over 50% of all OIML certificates are issued by NMi

NMi is the unrivalled market leader in internationally accepted OIML certificates for NAWIs and AWIs.

Independent view on your specifications

As an independent party, NMi can take a neutral stance when preparing specifications and evaluating your specifications.

Insight into new developments in legislation and standards

NMi plays an active role in important national and international standards organisations such as EN, WELMEC and OIML and is therefore the first to know about developments.

The quality of your weighing system (connecting load cell, indicator and structure) is determined by the sum of parts. It is therefore important to have good information about these components from the supplier. Conversely, your supplier is able to offer the best service when you provide clear specifications.

Specifications and conformity weighing system

As an independent party, NMi helps you prepare specifications for your suppliers. But there are often other moments in the process when it is possible to safeguard the conformity of your end product. For example, are component certificates available for the supplied components? And when are quality inspections planned?

In consultation with the customer, NMi critically reviews the entire development process, including the supply chain. The resulting review yields recommendations about the metrological aspects which impact on process optimisation. This can accelerate and simplify the approval procedure and thus the speed with which you can market your product.

Component certificates for parts of measuring systems

Do you manufacture components? You can increase the value of your components by delivering them together with a certificate. By using component certificates, the manufacturer of the measuring system can complete the approval procedure faster, enabling the end product to be launched sooner. You can read more about the certification of measuring instruments here.