Testing and certification

Rapid approval to access the market: type examination, certification of quality systems, verification

Testing and certification

Innovative solutions for innovative products

NMi uses its wealth of experience to develop test procedures which are also aimed at demonstrating the conformity of your innovative measuring installations.

Flexible planning for rapid market access

We provide an efficient and flexible certification process by investigating on site.

Clear certification process

A prior test plan and draft certificate create clarity about agreements and expectations. NMi takes the pressure off you and guides you through the complete approval process.

In practice, weighing systems are often produced by using components from different manufacturers. Many of these components play an essential role in the metrological quality of the entire measuring system.

Component certification

Suppliers of measuring instrument components, such as indicators, load cells, retail payment systems (point of sale) and peripherals like computers and printers can increase the value of their products by supplying them together with a certificate. This also enables manufacturers of measuring systems to obtain approval faster.

There are two types of component certificate:

  • Parts Certificate (PC): components
    with a PC may be used freely by the manufacturers of complete weighing instruments.
  • Evaluation Certificate (EC): components with an EC may only be used by the manufacturers of complete weighing instruments after permission from the holder.

Quality system certification

In order to obtain permission to market the weighing system, an initial verification is required after model approval. The measuring instrument is manufactured and tested at the manufacturer’s premises subject to a certified quality system (module D, E or H of MID).

Within this certified quality system, the quality of the individual components must be guaranteed. The manufacturer provides this guarantee by inspecting the supplied components (100% or random samples). However, prior inspection of the components by the component supplier in accordance with your quality system adds value and saves the manufacturer time and money. NMi certifies your quality system, enabling you to supply inspected components which are ready to use and speed up market access.