Testing and certification

Rapid approval to access the market: type examination, certification of quality systems, verification

Testing and certification

Innovative solutions for innovative products

NMi uses its wealth of experience to develop test procedures which are also aimed at demonstrating the conformity of your innovative measuring installations.

Flexible planning for rapid market access

We provide an efficient and flexible certification process by investigating on site.

Clear certification process

A prior test plan and draft certificate create clarity about agreements and expectations. NMi takes the pressure off you and guides you through the complete approval process.

Verification is an obligatory test of a measuring instrument to check whether it meets the statutory requirements. The initial verification is conducted at the market launch of the measuring instrument. Later, periodic re-verifications may be performed if required by law or if the seals have been broken, after repairs for example.

NMi has many years’ experience as an independent verification institute and verification of weighing instruments. It is therefore exceedingly well informed about nationally and internationally accepted requirements for different measuring instruments.

On site verification of weighing instruments

Fully equipped measuring vehicles bring NMi’s verification specialists to you to ensure that your measuring instrument is operational immediately. Our verification staff are experienced in all types of installations for automatic weighing instruments. Ask our planning department to suggest a suitable proposal.

Acceptance testing

NMi also conducts your acceptance testing (factory acceptance testing, site acceptance testing) for your end user. This can be done anywhere in the world, at any manufacturing site. An independent acceptance test often boosts the end user’s acceptance and confidence in the quality of the product.