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<h1>White papers</h1>

White papers are published by NMi to provide detailed information about developments in metrology.

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The NLF and Compliance with the 2014/32/EU MID Directive

Are you a representative, importer, manufacturer or distributor involved in measurement instruments that are covered by the Measurement Instrument Directive (MID)? If that is true, then this white paper is a valuable read. From 20 April 2016, your instrument needs to comply with the New Legislative Framework as well as the 2014/32/EU MID Directive. It is important to know what has changed on this date, and what not. This white paper will give you an overview of the consequences and possible actions that you need to take.

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Upgrading to EN 45501:2015

The year 2016 will be an important one for the manufacturers of weighing instruments. Two different but related events will take place:

  • On April 19, 2016, the standard EN 45501:1992 will cease to give presumption of conformity under directives 2009/23/EC and 2014/31/EU.
  • On April 20, 2016, the new NAWI directive 2014/31/EU will come into force, replacing 2009/23/EC.

Roy Scholten, Senior Approval Engineer at NMi, will give the reader of this white paper a better understanding of the possible changes that may be necessary for your instruments and certificates. It includes guidelines to help you understand the steps you may have to take to assure your conformity with the new or existing regulations.

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Smart meter rollout

When millions of smart meters are installed in the coming years, their quality must be guaranteed. Good quality, reliability and useful life are vitally important for the business case. But how do you realise this important but underexposed aspect?

Henri Schouten, Senior Approvals Expert at NMi, provides insight into the key factors that contribute towards a guarantee of the quality of smart meters during the entire process, from design to installation, thereby ensuring a successful rollout.

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Straight to the point

As oil and gas are valuable commodities, accurate measurement gets increasingly important in the oil and gas industry. Oil and gas flow meters with lower measurement uncertainties are being developed, but are we aware which additional effects also play a role in the overall uncertainty and performance of the installation as a whole? What will happen with the measurement uncertainty in five years? Which expenses are involved?

Wim Volmer, Senior Product manager Oil & Gas at NMi, examines the importance of starting at the drawing board in terms of long time measurement reliability. His point of view was published as an interview in World Pipelines, April 2014, and is still tremendously up to date.

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